Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

***Presley Belle***

Best Mother's Day EVER!!!!! My first contractions started consistently at 3:30 pm so I called Brandon who was teaching my primary class and he raced home! After lots of contractions and a fabulous epideral my sweet Presley Belle arrived at 12:44 pm aka the middle of the night. She has been my easiest delivery yet...4 pushes and she was out! When the doctor handed her to me she looked like a toddler. She weighed in at 8'11 and has the cheeks to prove it! Chase was also 8'11 and Cooper was 8'14. She was 5 days early which was perfect since I felt Like I was carrying twins! We are so happy to have our first girl. She is already thrilled to be wearing layers of pink and huge oversized bows and flowers! More pictures to come...