Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cooper's Tractor Birthday!

So Coop turned 2! We found out he loves tractors...which makes sense since here in Iowa he sees more tractors than cars. So I talked with our local tractor dealer and had them drive this tractor into our backyard and we borrowed it for the party.

Coop was a pretty big fan of the tractor and I don't think he blinked for like 3 hours! It was the best! I filled our baby pool with dirt and trucks and cars and tractors and the kids loved it...not there parents so much.

We played pin the rocks on the tractor and did a rock toss. Coop didn't really eat his cake but he did want us to relite his candes llike 50 times.

Here is Coop and dad on the tractor.
Here is Cooper spending some one-on-one time with his new BFF.

We really hope Coop doesn't notice when the guy comes to take the tractor away tomorrow. At least he had some good memories and some photographic proof it was here! Happy Birthday big guy! We love you so much!