Saturday, December 25, 2010

Santa Made It December 25th!

Christmas was so fun this year because it had only been snowing for a month so it was still pretty and magical! Also the Simpsons made the trek from Denver to share their holiday with us!

It really started when "Buddy" our Elf on a Shelf arrived Thanksgiving weekend (maybe that's early...get off me it's our first year!) Cooper and Chase were so so excited to see where he would be hiding the next night and were trying so hard to be good so he could report that back to Santa. Cooper even told Chase if he wasn't good the Wise Men were going to report that back to Santa.

Once the Simpsons arrived we did it all. We went sledding (I stayed in the lodge and sipped cocoa), went to the amusement park at the Mall of America, swam at the local community center and built igloos outside (I stayed inside and sipped cocoa :). We had such a super fun Christmas and were stoked to spend it with the Simpsons. I almost forgot...we also got hooked on Arrested Development...I laughed my face off! We consumed more food than anyone ever should and vowed to lose it starting January 1st. Best Christmas EVER!