Friday, October 31, 2008

Sweet Coop Turns 1

Okay I get that Coopers ACTUAL birthday was August like 2 months ago but I would suck as a mom if I didn't have photos from Coop's big day! Coop had a water party complete with 2 kiddie pools, waterballoons, and a sprinkler ball. We let Coop eat his own cake and as you can see by the pictures... he was a fan. We had lots of kids come play and help Coop eat his birthday cake. It took us forever to get this dude clean and his highchair was a disaster! Small price to pay to see your one-year-old in pure birthday cake bliss! Loved it!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Babies...So Hot Right Now!

So our 14 month old Cooper is walking and speaks a little Russian/German/Chinese combo. He's self taught. I can't believe we are having another one when just thirty seconds ago we were strapping our sweet little Cooper in his infant carseat and heading home from the hospital. Cooper has been freakin' awesome from birth. I know that's usually what first time parents say and usually their kids are the worst but our's really is great! He giggles non-stop, sings songs to himself and has the cutest little walk. One of Cooper's favorite things is collecting flags...not just any flags but the flags the utility people put in your yard to show where gas lines are. So once he had a good handful of all the flags from our yard he ran to the neighbors and started collecting theirs. The next day their flags were back up so i'm pretty sure they hate us. Since we have only lived in our new house for a week we probably owe our neighbors like a super big loaf of bread or something. We live in Johnston Iowa now...for those of you who suck at's below Minnesota and next Nebraska. Brandon got transferred here about a month ago with General Mills. He works from home which is super great for Coop and I because we get to see him all the time and I don't have to iron any button up shirts...just keep his sweats clean! I am pregnant with my second baby boy and I'm due November 17! So our little boys will be 15 months apart! We will keep you posted with the new arrival of number two!