Friday, October 1, 2010

Back to Minnesota...Really?!

So we are back! After being ripped away from warm weather, awesome friends and our pool in Arizona we were a little hesitant to come back. But then we recovered. It was absolutely beautiful once we got here! The fall was fantastic filled with tons of leaves and my kids barrelling down our hill in the back yard on their trucks! We have a POND in our backyard too! Some neighbors have called it a swamp but I am an optimist so it is a pond to me and I fully intend to canoe on it spring and summer!

Here is a picture of a sunrise from my back porch!

Our new house! I am in LOVE with it! Brandon...not so much! It's got lots of room for my kids to run around and play and plenty of room for visitors to come visitors...come visit!

Here are my kids at Halloween! We had a super fun time trick-or-treating and once Cooper realized he got candy at every house he was off with his spider arms waving in the wind...