Sunday, July 10, 2011

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was a blast! We checked out our Easter baskets, did an easter egg hunt, and ate way too many robin eggs (you know the first 15 are delicious!)The weather was super nice and the kids were wonderful! What a great day!

How can easter eggs compete with 2 huge geese in your yard? Answer: They can't!

Cooper used easter egg time to perfect his golf skills...lookout Tiger!

Presley in the worlds ugliest pajamas!

Kids started to hunt...again

Chase got Elefun in his game ever!

Pretty sure this face means he loved his Easter basket!

Our Easter baskets!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

St. Maarten...Grand Finale!

St. Maarten was my favorite Island so I'm devastated I have maybe 2 pictures from here (Bob & Christi /Sean and Janelle please send me a cd of your pics and I'll send you one.)

We wanted to get scooters but the first scooter people were super mean and the boys were going to throw down. Instead we decided to find another scooter place. We actually ended up getting 4 wheelers and we spent hours checking out this whole island!

We stopped at a beach that is literally right next to the airport and there were planes flying right over our heads!

Then we got rained on and the locals laughed at us, then we hit another beach filled with people that were not wearing swimsuits and really should have been!
It was awesome to see the island via quads!

We loved this cruise guys...thanks for the invite...we missed you radfords!!!

Here we are on the quad...

Our big boat!

St. Kitts

At St. Kitts we wanted to rent scooters and ride around the island but we got to the scooter place too late and they were all gone. So we grabbed a personal taxi and he (Bouncer) showed us the HOT spots on St. Kitts.

We found a castle and did a photo shoot inside then headed over to the most amazing beach i've ever seen! Complete with chairs and shade from palms!

The boys showing off their big guns...get it...

Enjoying my babe in a castle in St. Kitts!

Striking a pose in the castle...not sure what the castle was used for or who lived in it...forgot to listen...but it had great photo spots!

The beach was amazing! And we got to lay out here for free under the palms on comfy chairs...loved every second of it...

Soaking up the rays...

Brandon and I at the many neat rooms and cool stairways!

I'm gonna do this to my tree in the front yard except with Barqs rootbeer cans and Diet Mtn. Dew cans...pretty sure the neighbors will love it!

Here is a monkey that a guy said I could hold. Seemed like a great idea at the time then I got a little worried that the monkey would give me rabies or steal my money...neither happened so I think we're good!

St. Lucia

I heard from a few people St. Lucia was the prettiest Island was pretty but not my favorite (shh don't tell the locals). I was the most excited about the zip line and it was pretty fantastic! Zipping through the green tropical trees and ropelling down platforms...does it really get any better?

The 2 pieces of advice I have are: DON'T wear shorts on this excursion(they are uncomfortable with the harness on) and wear a hat so you don't have to wear a hair net and look like a lunch lady!

This is on the beach after we went ziplining...perfectly warm and sunny!

Here is the crew in all our HOT zipline gear!

Here is Brandon ropelling down a platform...the rope felt a little like it was going to snap any second...just added to the fun!

I'm super excited to get zippin'

Here we are next to some super old trees

Bob and Christi were all smiles here but I'm pretty sure they were scared...they just hide it well...


I loved Barbados!!! But what's not to love about perfect warm weather and blue/green water! We went on a catamaran with world famous Captain Ron. On the catamaran we went snorkling with some awesome golden turtles! I've never seen anything like them they were beautiful!

I asked Captain Ron if he knew Rhianna (she's from Barbados) and if he liked her and next thing you know he was pumpin' Rhianna hits and throwin' us virgin daquari's. Also absolutely fantastic local food prepared by Captain Ron and his crew!

This was our catamaran!

Here are Janelle and I with Captain Ron...Brandon was a little concerned about the 10 pictures I had with my arms around "Captain Ron"...didn't realize I had so many with the guy...

Here I am steering the ship...look I'm a natural!

The Girls taking over the catamaran...

This wall was right next to our catamaran. Who doesn't want a picture with an orange background? Awesome!

St. Thomas

So I didn't want to bring my new Nikon on to our St. Thomas excursion to get ruined so I just brought my waterproof camera which = not a ton of pictures for you to see! But my waterproof camera had some good ones (sorry guys!).

We headed over with apparently the rest of the cruise ship to our kayak place and hopped in some kayaks to begin our journey. We paddled through some mangroves did some hermit crab races (pretty sure ours was dead...) and snorkling!

We ended the day in our formal clothes dining with our new BFF/server Amaudi (definately not how you spell it). Super fun day with the peeps!

Monday, April 4, 2011

East Carribean Cruise...Puerto Rico baby!

We left our 3 tiny people with my mom and headed for our much needed Caribbean Cruise! So over all the snow...we were excited to see what the sun looked like and felt like and to see our buddies from Utah! Here are some pic's of Puerto Rico which was beautiful.

Just a tip if you ever visit Puerto Rico...if you see an amazing fake Coach purse on the street and you want to buy can't negotiate price because they don't budge...and you offend people. I thought it was a little more like Mexico (I guess not!). Sorry lady street vendor!

Here is Brandon in front of pretty much the cutest street I've ever seen!

Here we are with my oversized hat that blocks out anything within 20 feet. Worth it though...

Here is the gang! Bob and Christi and Sean and Janelle! First night...

This is Brandon and me on the deck of the Carnival Victory! I couldn't stop smiling...we did still miss you kiddos...I promise!

Kind of fantastic to get to enjoy this for a week! Babe you're hot!

Here we are checking out the sites of Puerto Rico...looking like a local with gigantic hat!