Monday, April 4, 2011

East Carribean Cruise...Puerto Rico baby!

We left our 3 tiny people with my mom and headed for our much needed Caribbean Cruise! So over all the snow...we were excited to see what the sun looked like and felt like and to see our buddies from Utah! Here are some pic's of Puerto Rico which was beautiful.

Just a tip if you ever visit Puerto Rico...if you see an amazing fake Coach purse on the street and you want to buy can't negotiate price because they don't budge...and you offend people. I thought it was a little more like Mexico (I guess not!). Sorry lady street vendor!

Here is Brandon in front of pretty much the cutest street I've ever seen!

Here we are with my oversized hat that blocks out anything within 20 feet. Worth it though...

Here is the gang! Bob and Christi and Sean and Janelle! First night...

This is Brandon and me on the deck of the Carnival Victory! I couldn't stop smiling...we did still miss you kiddos...I promise!

Kind of fantastic to get to enjoy this for a week! Babe you're hot!

Here we are checking out the sites of Puerto Rico...looking like a local with gigantic hat!


Liz Hoke said...

I am so jealous of you guys! Christi said it was GREAT too! I totally want your hat... PS!
Love it!

Dani said...

Good for you guys leaving the kiddos behind and going on a fun trip! You look awesome by the way.

The Godell Family said...

Looks like you guys had an amazing time. Ahhh, I need a vacation like that! Maybe next January. Glad you got to get away!