Sunday, April 10, 2011

St. Maarten...Grand Finale!

St. Maarten was my favorite Island so I'm devastated I have maybe 2 pictures from here (Bob & Christi /Sean and Janelle please send me a cd of your pics and I'll send you one.)

We wanted to get scooters but the first scooter people were super mean and the boys were going to throw down. Instead we decided to find another scooter place. We actually ended up getting 4 wheelers and we spent hours checking out this whole island!

We stopped at a beach that is literally right next to the airport and there were planes flying right over our heads!

Then we got rained on and the locals laughed at us, then we hit another beach filled with people that were not wearing swimsuits and really should have been!
It was awesome to see the island via quads!

We loved this cruise guys...thanks for the invite...we missed you radfords!!!

Here we are on the quad...

Our big boat!

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Grant Family said...

YEA! Love your posts! Nice work doing a daily summary even! I will definitely be sending you my pics, just barely got them to the Olson's, so I'm a little slow, sorry!
So Fun! =)