Sunday, April 10, 2011


I loved Barbados!!! But what's not to love about perfect warm weather and blue/green water! We went on a catamaran with world famous Captain Ron. On the catamaran we went snorkling with some awesome golden turtles! I've never seen anything like them they were beautiful!

I asked Captain Ron if he knew Rhianna (she's from Barbados) and if he liked her and next thing you know he was pumpin' Rhianna hits and throwin' us virgin daquari's. Also absolutely fantastic local food prepared by Captain Ron and his crew!

This was our catamaran!

Here are Janelle and I with Captain Ron...Brandon was a little concerned about the 10 pictures I had with my arms around "Captain Ron"...didn't realize I had so many with the guy...

Here I am steering the ship...look I'm a natural!

The Girls taking over the catamaran...

This wall was right next to our catamaran. Who doesn't want a picture with an orange background? Awesome!

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