Sunday, April 10, 2011

St. Lucia

I heard from a few people St. Lucia was the prettiest Island was pretty but not my favorite (shh don't tell the locals). I was the most excited about the zip line and it was pretty fantastic! Zipping through the green tropical trees and ropelling down platforms...does it really get any better?

The 2 pieces of advice I have are: DON'T wear shorts on this excursion(they are uncomfortable with the harness on) and wear a hat so you don't have to wear a hair net and look like a lunch lady!

This is on the beach after we went ziplining...perfectly warm and sunny!

Here is the crew in all our HOT zipline gear!

Here is Brandon ropelling down a platform...the rope felt a little like it was going to snap any second...just added to the fun!

I'm super excited to get zippin'

Here we are next to some super old trees

Bob and Christi were all smiles here but I'm pretty sure they were scared...they just hide it well...

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