Sunday, April 10, 2011

St. Kitts

At St. Kitts we wanted to rent scooters and ride around the island but we got to the scooter place too late and they were all gone. So we grabbed a personal taxi and he (Bouncer) showed us the HOT spots on St. Kitts.

We found a castle and did a photo shoot inside then headed over to the most amazing beach i've ever seen! Complete with chairs and shade from palms!

The boys showing off their big guns...get it...

Enjoying my babe in a castle in St. Kitts!

Striking a pose in the castle...not sure what the castle was used for or who lived in it...forgot to listen...but it had great photo spots!

The beach was amazing! And we got to lay out here for free under the palms on comfy chairs...loved every second of it...

Soaking up the rays...

Brandon and I at the many neat rooms and cool stairways!

I'm gonna do this to my tree in the front yard except with Barqs rootbeer cans and Diet Mtn. Dew cans...pretty sure the neighbors will love it!

Here is a monkey that a guy said I could hold. Seemed like a great idea at the time then I got a little worried that the monkey would give me rabies or steal my money...neither happened so I think we're good!

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Carrie Hazar said...

Hey girlie! I found you and it looks like you are having a horrible time without me. Your cruise post got me so & I set sail in 34 days for our 10 year anniversary cruise, but who's counting, right., you look so cute and I am glad you had a blast! Keep in touch! Xoxoxo